Looking back

There is a feeling you get when looking up to the stars. A mesmerizing, yet indescribable sense of what lies beyond. Sometimes it helps to clear the head as you get confronted with the fact that our blue marble, in comparison to the universe, is just another planet among trillions of others. But this blueContinue reading “Looking back”

Will I see you again?

It has been a bit quiet around our initiative. However, that does not mean that we stopped doing what we do. In the past months, we were quite active with networking, organising and speaking at events, and laying the foundation to our initiative. Doing this next to the study turned out to be more difficultContinue reading “Will I see you again?”

The Aftermath

The UN75 Dialogue is over. What happens now? How will we follow up on the information we gained with this dialogue and what are our plans? This and more will be discussed in this update. We are overwhelmed with the response we got after conducting the dialogue. From all sides we heard how well itContinue reading “The Aftermath”

Reaching out to the stars

The UN75 Dialogue, our new media partner… A lot has happened in the past month. Since the last post, it has been nearly a month. During this time, the team worked hard to get more contacts onboard and convince people about the urgence of space protection. Contacting persons such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian May,Continue reading “Reaching out to the stars”

David versus Goliath

Covid-19, the coronavirus pandemie has not only shut down everyday life, it also has huge implications on our initiative. Find out why: For weeks the only thing you hear in the media is the coronavirus pandemie. A global threat the likes of which modern humankind has never faced before. Events are cancelled, gatherings are postponed,Continue reading “David versus Goliath”

Waking the giant

February: Start of the Initiation phase. In the beginning of February we started contacting predefined possible stakeholders and interested people with a background related to space. Our mails went through the world contacting professors, astronomers, engeneers, CEOs, Astronauts, ESA and NASA workers, and many more. Our network expanded and we recieved many responses. Most ofContinue reading “Waking the giant”